Friday, November 15, 2013

La Vuelta Launches Inaugural Podcast

Today, we are happy to launch La Vuelta's inaugural podcast.  Each month, we'll be featuring conversations with writers, policymakers, artists, and others whose work focuses on some aspect of the history, politics or culture of Latin America or the Latino communities of the United States.  Our hope is that La Vuelta becomes a valuable resource for those who care about Latin America or the U.S. Latino experience.

This month's episode features a conversation with Prof. Andy Baker of the University of Colorado at Boulder about his recent research on the scope and nature of anti-Americanism in Latin America.  We also speak with Liliana Gamboacoordinator for the Open Society Justice Initiative project on antidiscrimination in the Dominican Republic, about a recent ruling by the island's Constitutional Court that threatens to strip thousands of persons of Haitian descent of their Dominican citizenship.

Of course, La Vuelta's success will depend on its supporters and audience.  How can you help?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Each episode of the show is available for streaming or download at  Follow us on Soundcloud and share our episodes with your friends and colleagues.  And let us know what you think about our show, our guests, or share ideas for future interviews.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @lavueltablog where we will be posting updates about guests and upcoming shows as well as regular commentary on Latin American and U.S. Latino affairs.
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  • Have you read an article recently about Latin America or Latinos and the U.S. and would like to hear more from the author? Have you published a book or article recently in Latin American or Latino Studies?  Are you or a client working on project that impacts Latin America or Latinos in the U.S.?  Let us know.

We are very excited about the future of La Vuelta and hope that you'll join us and spread the word.



PS: La Vuelta is produced by Anoah Levine at the studios of John Jay College/CUNY in New York.